"Hope For The Hopeless" Camps

Untouchability does not exist anymore in our castes today but unfortunately it still exists in our medical field. It is believed that there is no hope for the falsely labeled incurable case like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, ADHD, DMD etc. Medical world refuses to touch such cases. So when the already distressed parents of such children are told this by a doctor to whom they have come with all hope and belief, the parents are shattered and the only option left with them are the rehabilitation centers which are also out of budget for them.

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar who was already seeing astonishing results in his clinics decided to do something which nobody had attempted before. With his new artistic and scientific method of correction of effects caused by genetic mutation Dr. Prafull Vijayakar took up the responsibility of treating such cases i.e. to give hope to the hopeless and to touch the untouchable with pride and humility.

To put this noble thought into action he decided to start free charitable clinics for the underprivileged in various parts of Maharashtra and India.

Mahabaleshwar Camp
With a lot of empathy and compassion, the first step in this direction was taken. The 1st clinic was started in Mahabaleshwar in Feb 2007 ,which have attracted patients from all over Maharashtra and adjoining places like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa etc. Till date Mahabaleshwar has witnessed more than 6000 patients. Despite the heavy rains and the inconvenience caused by it, the determined patients and their relatives reach the venue making the number of new cases ranging from 300-500 and follow ups up to 1000.

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar personally attends all the camps which are held monthly on regular basis. Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and his team of doctors and assistants from Predictive Homoeopathy after attending their clinics travel the night before and reach Mahabaleshwar early in the morning. The clinic starts by 9.30am and remains extremely busy till night 9.00pm.

Also young enthusiastic students, interns and practitioners not only from Maharashtra but also from Punjab come to take experience o f this noble deed.

The local hotels and the staff also lend a helping hand in the organization of the crowd and also their stay. This oldest clinic of hope for hopeless will continue to flourish and will remain the healing centre in the years to come.

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Ghatkopar Camp - Mumbai
After the resounding success of Hope for the Hopeless clinic at Mahabaleshwar, there was a need for similar clinics all over India mainly Mumbai. On 10th April 2009-156th birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homoeopathy, Ghatkopar was chosen to be the next place.

It is held every three months in Matoshree Ramabai Thackeray hospital at Ghatkopar that witnesses more than 250-300 new cases and around 500-700 follow ups.

Doctors from Gujarat, Nagpur and Kerala travel all the way t o Ghatkopar to give their assistance. Even Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s patients from his private clinic also lend a helping hand in managing and channelizing the patients.

Each and every patient is given due consideration and quality treatment. They are also provided with drinking water and refreshments at regular interval.

Beed Camp - Maharashtra
After the success and recognition garnered by the Mahabaleshwar clinic, there was no stopping for spreading the ray of hope at other places. Hope for the hopeless clinic at Beed started in October 2009.

Huge number of patients ranging from 250 new cases and 8000 follow ups display the success of the clinic. Overcoming the inconvenience faced to reach this place, patients from all over Maharashtra come a long way to reach Beed which still remains inaccessible via trains.

For Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and his team of doctors from Predictive Homoeopathy the day starts at 9.000 am but for the patient it dawns even before the sun rise as they wait patiently for their turn to come. Some patients who are in their adolescence or grown-up’s need to be handled with great difficulty by their aged parents. Some patients had to be carried by 3-44 people because of their violent behavior. But in the follow-up this picture gradually changes…. The incentive for such dedication and hard work by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and his doctors are thee joyful faces of the patients and the tears of happiness in the eyes of their relatives….

The overwhelming response received by the Hope for the Hopeless clinics is evident from the steady rise in the number of patients attending it. In a quest to continue to spread this ray of hope among the so called mentally and physically handicapped children, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar has laid the foundation of many such clinics in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Kerala, Goa, etc.

The Comprehensive application of Modern researches in the field of Embryology, Physiology, Neuro anatomy and Genetics has helped Dr. Prafull Vijayakar to device a very scientific and systematic approach to treat such so called incurable cases with Homoeopathy.

This scientific Homoeopathic method has been excessively instrumental in producing certain everlasting improvement and cure in illness arising from the disorder caused by genetic mutations.

Hope for the Hopeless clinics have been a real boon not only for certain Downs, autistic, Mentally Retarded, Spastic, Deaf- Mute children but also for their parents who have exceptionally been benefited from it.

It is Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s dream and ambition to make this wonderful therapeutic Science Homoeopathy available to all those destitute and untouched class of mentally and Physically Handicapped patients in various parts of Maharashtra and around India. He intends to set up many such free in clinics all over the country. His aim is not just to have a onetime camp but to have regular clinics so that continuity in the form of regular follow ups can be maintained.

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