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Our Publications

Predictive Homoeopathy Part I - Theory of Suppression
This book is an eye-opener and a conscience pricked too many Homoeopaths practicing wrong homoeopathy. In this book, he has laid down a mathematical co-relation between various diseases suffered by man with modern sciences. With the help of the chart, one can foretell with certainty that the illness in a particular individual is destined to suffer or has already suffered in the past. This scientific and mathematical evaluation of the human body and disease has earned him the title: A PREDICTIVE PHYSICIAN. By referring to this book, Dr Vijayakar has converted ordinary homoeopaths into successful Predictive Physicians.

Predictive Homoeopathy Part II - Theory of Acutes
This book is a translation of his method of practice wherein he has proven beyond an iota of doubt that Homoeopathy is immensely useful even in acute emergencies. Homoeopathic physicians were offered the flow chart by which physicians got speedy results. This book has given confidence to many old and new homoeopaths, who, until then was dejected and on the verge of foregoing homoeopathic practice because they could not get results.

Predictive Homoeopathy Part III - The end of Myasmtion of Miasms
Dr.Prafull Vijayakar has made a great contribution to human sciences by proposing that every disease in human beings stems from 3 defensive mechanisms of a living cell at the genetic level. In this book he has emphasized that there are 3 types of diseases

Inflammatory Diseases Group: Cells, Tissue and, Organs in living beings defend against hostile bacteria, virus etc. by producing process of inflammation in the respective organs.

Growth or Thickening Disease Group: Here Cells, Tissues and Organs defend against hostility by process of fortification or construction. Diseases in this group are middle age diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Ischaemic Heart Diseases, Tumors etc

Destructive Disease Group: Here Cells, Tissues and Organs undergo a process of destruction e.g. cancers, motor neurone diseases, gangrene etc. In this book he has shown the co-relation of the Mind, Attitude and Behavior with the different diseases that makes the science of homoeopathy more and more predictable. This book would surely help youngsters as it has undoubtedly helped him in curing the higher level, grave diseases with pathological changes and bringing out Homoeopathy out of its maligned, symptoms or mentals only relieving camouflaged outfit of being a superficial science. His foresight and vision has helped even younger to treat patients with grave and terminal illnesses.

VERBATIM is an authentic reproduction of the seven-day vocational training course conducted for Homoeopaths in 2002 at Mahabaleshwar

Homoeopathy & Modern Science
This book shows relation of Homoeopathy and other human sciences like Genetics, Biochemistry, Embryology, Human Physiology etc.

Genetic Materia Medica (Vol 1)
It is the first volume of a series of Materia Medica by Dr Vijayakar. It covers Barytas, Calcareas, Kalis, Carbons and Granite. It is based upon his several years of practice and stresses upon how each drug presents itself in the clinic.

Frequent Encounters (Disposition Series 1)
This is a book on practical Materia Medica. It only Contains Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s practical approach to arrive at a similimum and vital tips that he uses to think about remedies and rule in and rule out points.

His books have been translated into 7 international languages. Three of his books have been prescribed as an integral part of the curriculum in Brazil and Israel.